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Posted By yirong on Jan 13, 2010 at 8:00AM

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reality sucks .

Posted By yirong on Jan 11, 2010 at 7:38AM

ohwell ; today was the release of the Olevel results.

was damn scare ; making jaslyn more scare ;

then when i went school ; saw Jocelyn , she almost cried ;

in the end ; she cried ;

we sat around ; waiting 2 pm and go up to hall

then in the end went up &  we all screwed .

Jocelyn and me , hold hands walk up .

sat beside each other and cried , hug & cry

take back results ; jocelyn cried ; i cried .

both of us dont dare to open up our results.

so both boyfriends do so ; & we 2 just hug boyfriend and cry .

yonglin ;

thanks for being thr when i need you ;

thanks for lending me your shoulder when i need it ;

thanks for hugging when i really do need it ;




thanks everyone who tried to comfort me !

thanks alot !









boyfriend is leaving tmr ;

i really dont want him to go ;

but there's no choice , but at least i can text him .

that's the first good news of the day lehs !

i just want to be close with him , be with him !

how i wish i can be with him everyday



Posted By yirong on Jan 10, 2010 at 8:24AM

Hohoho .

is midnight ; the start of 11jan .

i miss boyfriend badly , really badly ;

he just told me that he's leaving for nyc on tue :(

that's very bad larhs . haiyo ;

I'm just missing him badly , really badly larhs .

haiyo ; dont know when will he be back in town agn :(

i love him ;

i miss hugging him from the back ; lying my head on his back .

i miss being close to him ; i miss playing around with him ; i miss joking around with him ;

i dont want us to be so cold ; i hate cold wars ;

i cry badly ; i cry easily ;

boyfriend ;

i told myself not to be insecure ;

i told myself not to cry so easily ;

i told myself not to make you worry about me ;

i told myself that i dont want you to be unhappy because of me ;

i told myself no matter what i do ; must make you happy ;

i don't like boyfriend to be unhappy ;

i hate myself for being so sensitive;

i hate myself for being so selfish ;

i told myself is ok if you didn't tell me your things ;


i just love boyfriend ;




thanks jocelyn ;

you're always thr to takecare of me ;

still rmb tht time that how you dote me !

thanks alot ! :D


Posted By yirong on Jan 9, 2010 at 11:34PM

HOHOHOH ; ytd just got back from 4 diligence's chalet ;

& also from sec1 camp ;

it was damn tiring ;

sec1 cap ; 6th jan to 8th jan

well ; it was just so tiring to do station games ; repeating the same old thing for 16 times !

screaming for their attention ;

nightwalk was super funny ! Wahahha !

campfire ; was just awesome ;

has been sleeping super late ;waking up super  un-human time for me ;

clearing up was tiring but when doing for NICK's station , it was fun ttm ! haha .

then went to slack around ;

lose voice ;

8th to 10th jan ; 4 diligence's chalet !

after camp went to chalet ; hohoho ;

was suer tiring ttm ! haha !

many things happen ; boyfriend wasn't happy ;

i wasn't happy tooo ;

thanks people ; esp Jocelyn , darylG , samuel & JL .

it was simply too tiring ; but BBQ was Awesome with mrong , mrs chang & mrs yap !

haha !

thats all :D



monday gonna take results ! which totally screwed ; im just too scare

Screw !

should go out soon with Pork ! miss her ! HAHA

a bad deep cut :/

Posted By yirong on Jan 5, 2010 at 6:43AM

hohoho ;

today meet up with the SMs for lunch before going school for the set up !

then chengen ! thought that today is the start of the camp ; so he brought everything

we all laugh at him ! OPPSPS .

then went school ; i went to collect my $200 bucks !!! hohoho !

then we started the set up & all ;

the guys having hard time finding tables ! haha

then i was so anxious ; trying to get things done

&there goes the incident ;  i forgot the drain is open & hit it ; got cut .

start bleeding ; but thought it was ok ; until i ssaw the blood is like flowing ;

leave up and yes ; blood drips like damn scary ;

haha !

scream for tissue .

thy all tried to help me & im screaming at the same time ;

it stop bleeding ; haha .

continue with the set up ; unti Ziying came !

hohoho ; he brought al the cream and stuffs .

hohoho ; he help me wash my wound that me goes WULALALALA !


rush home & get things ; went for lesson.

back for lesson ;

remove bandage ! Blood flows agn & i go WULALALA ! HAHA !





sorry boyfriend for making you so worried !

iloveyou ! :DD


Posted By yirong on Jan 4, 2010 at 6:38AM

hohoho !

today went to watch old dog movie !

haas ; it was an AWESOME comedy ! Seriously !

it makes you laugh till your stomachache ! That's what happen to me !!

Wahahhaahaha ! :DDDDDDDD

so ,suppose to go flyer ; but show ended late;

&jaslyn needa go to the doctor/ sinseh ;

so we accompanied her !

So nice of her !! HAHHAHAHHAA !

it was damn funny when we were on our way to hg mall !! HAHAHA ! :D

winson piggybacked jaslyn ! :DD

yonglin carried me tooo ! (pity him ; im crashing him with my weight )

hahaha !




We ran from 2009 to 2010 ! :D

Posted By yirong on Jan 3, 2010 at 6:29AM

hohoho ; is 01/01/10 !!!

haas ; a brand new year !

alright ; went countdown ytd !



meet Jaslyn & Jocelyn @ orchard @ 4plus .

wanted to buy the 2010 glasses but all places sold out ;

so went to buy the GEEK specs ! That was so coool ! :D

after that went to vivo to meet them ; but meet ClaW & FNL

went to have dinner first cos the guys had theirs

FNL & Claw  is like super funny & cute lahrs .! HAHA

going out with them was damn fun ! :DDD

haas ; then order food & we play around ;

haas ; then he texted me !! WAHHAHAHAH

he's coming to countdown which i thought he won't be able to make it !

hohohoho ; was super happy ! :D

i brought his present out tooo ! :DDDDD

then after that went to meet the guys ; went rooftop

then after that went to meet him ! HOhohoh .

he talk about his trip ; make me wanna go korea ; but i will bring my own instant noodles !

then they talk about Korea ; taiwan ;

hohoho ; Jo&me was in spore during the holiday ?!

I WANT TO SIT AN AIRPLANE & FLY TO ANYWHERE (except Malaysia ; the journey will be too short !)


&countdown party at VIvo City was Totally BORING !!!

the party was like ......

so we deicded to leave & go to marina ; but after much consideration ;

we went clarke quay instead ;

racing against time !

we left only like @ 2330 ?!

is like when we tap out ; immediately run !

manage to run all the way riverside point ; but countdown was over !

so ; we ran from 2009 to 2010 ! is actually quite cool !

group was break ; so wait at mrt & go find tam& Co.

walk to marina ! Fulliton hotel ; on the way is ALOT OF PEOPLE !



but when we reach the hotel ; it was AWESOME !

thy having some party at the lobby !!!

HOHOHO ; all the Angmos are like dancing &they are freaking tall !!

went into the dance floor ; play around ;

haas .

was damn funny ; but it ended quite fast .


haas ; then had the last dance of the party !

O.o !

but seriously ; i can't dance ! :P




iloveboyfriend ! :DD


we're @ White Dog Cafe ! :D

The Cool People ! :D


Our First Dance Together :D


shopping ! :DD

Posted By yirong on Jan 3, 2010 at 3:33AM

hohohohoho !

today went shopping with Jocelyn & Clarrisa thin !

went vivo ; shop around , wanted to buy this show but no size ;

went to another outlet instead !

went to this shop & we three tried alot of clothes ! but didnt but anything in the end

went to ion orchard because i want to get my shoe ;

Jo & clarrisa are like so happily trying to find dresses/skirts for me to wear ?!

they are like ; everything try ; try .

so ; went into Fox.

everything is going on half price ! HAHA ;

went in to shop ; wanted to buy shorts ; but sizes are like :S


then they make me try skirt & this shirt .

in the end ; bought !

haaas ! then went to the 'etude house ' to try nail polish ;

it was damn fun ; we try all sorts of colour ! HAHA .

then back home .



today's shopping ; credits go to JOCELYN & CLARRISA THIN ! :D




hohohoho ; i ain't that generous & nice sometimes !

i'm just like any normal girl out thr ; i do get jealous & insecurity ;

i think like other people ; i feel like what other girl's think over somethings .

Life is to treasure !

Posted By yirong on Dec 28, 2009 at 7:21AM

Life is a tough journey ; a challenging one too

people are weak ; we tends to give up at certain point of it ;

yes , each one of us has been through a lot ; the down side ;

no one could understand the pain each of us been through ; but still ....

we went through it ; it maybe painful & tough for us to overcome

but always remember ; there is always someone out there in the world experience much more things ;

yes; your problems & what you've been through is painful & tough ;

but others may be even worse ; but they didn't give up , yet , they fight fiercely .


my life ; i won't say in wonderful ; i also wont say is totally dark .

yes; i've been through my downs ;

sometimes being selfish ; i will think that I'm the most unluckiest person .

but reflecting ; what i experience is not the worse ; other people has even worse problems .

so why do i stay here ; thinking what i experience is the worse instead on move on & try to help others .

fate is something that we all can't deny ; we can't change the fact ;

but we can change how we accept the fact ;


5 months in hospital ; make me learn a lot

&realise a lot .

i do see how weak a life can be ;

i also see how people fight to stay alive;

i also do see how people leave ;

i also see how hard doctors & nurses trying to save a life

i do see how families work together to takecare of the patient .

i also do see how people get so worried about their family ;

&i see how strong is my dad ;


i remember there's this case in the hospital ;

a lilttle boy was send to the hospital ; he is from india ;

they took the private jet to Spore ;

the little boy was suffering from some illness ;

they tried saving the boy & everything ;

but after a few hours ; the boy's brain was announce dead ;

doctor told the family ; if he had came 1 week earlier ; he can be saved

so now ; family has to  make a decision if should cut off the life support .

in the end ; they brought the boy back home to india .


is just 1 week late; a week late ;

in hospital ; every minute is precious .

there will be any change in every minute ;

a week to us ; maybe fast , is nothing

but to that lil boy ; if he came a week earlier ; he will survive ;


there are so many people out there fighting to stay alive ;

is a reminder to myself ;

yes , there is a point of time i feel life is mealiness ; is too tough for me to go on

i want to give up ; i want to leave the world ;

leave the one that i loved ; I'm being very selfish ;

i just thought of myself ; but not others ;

is his tears & love reminds me that i couldn't just leave like that ;

there's still a lot of people who are still supporting me , worried about me ;

i can't leave like that ; i can't be so selfish .


i can say truly ; i can't be the strong Yirong anymore ;

is just missing ; i can't be as strong as last time ;

I'm easily affected ;

especially people leaving me ;

i just hate the feeling ;

yes ; now i cry more easily ; I'm trying not to cry so much .



Job Hunting ! :P

Posted By yirong on Dec 28, 2009 at 5:32AM



today suppose to go for the job thingy . HAHA .

but the moment me & Nick board the train ;

first question : "you all want to go for the job ?"

HAHA ! nobody really want to go ; so we didnt go !

Sorry Syafiq ! :P


so went to VIVO city to look for other jobs !

haha ; went practically every shop to try . send in a few applications

have to wait for them to call :S

was quite tired huh .


was watching the life transformer 2 ;

&i how selfish i am ; realise how i take things for granted

when do we feel we are so lucky to have 3 meals a day ?

when do we feel happy when we see nice food ?

when do we feel VEry happy when our surrounding is so nicely done ?

we always get upset over small little things ;

we never get happy or satisfied with what we have ; we always ask for more ;

where as there are still people are overjoy over small little things .

ii hate myself for being so selfish ;

Yirong ; stop being so selfish ; stop thinking about yourself !

think about others !

&seriously hate myself for this !




super random !


i miss the times we crap tgt ; with the teachers

maths; geog & E L!

i miss the time when every morning have to go school on time ;

i miss walking into a class called 4 Diligence & start all the fun !

part of 4 Diligence :D


day 4 without you !

miss you super badly ; really badly !

hurry come back ! :S


written on 10.45 pm ; 28th dec

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